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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code was the first book of this author that I read. I thought that the book was fine. I am not well versed in Christian history so a lot of the terms and stories were new and confusing for me. But on the whole I thought that the 'mystery part' of the book was spot on. It was fast-paced and had the right amount of twists and turns. I read Angels and demons after that and found it an enjoyable read as well.Now , I have finished The Lost Symbol. It took me a lot of time to finish this book, I almost left it halfway through which is very uncharacteristic of me. This delay was by no means because the book was a bad read. If I had read it before Angels and Demons , it might have been difficult for me to put put It down. But now I have sort of gotten tired of the 'Dan Brown FORMULA' : Robert Langdon is mysteriously entwined in a disastrous situation, he knows everything, every date, name, fact,theory by heart, or recalls important details in a 'lightening bulb flashes' moment.A beautiful and intellligent women accompanies him on this quest to save the world and in the climax of every movie he is left with a startling piece of information of historical significance which the rest of the world is ignorant about.Despite this repeatedly used plot-structure , It is a fact that I learn a lot after reading his books, whether it is scientific , intellectual or something as simple as breaking a cipher. I even showed my friends, who had not heard about this book, how to break a Masonic cipher. I liked how the author takes stuff out of history which is right infront of us and transforms it into an engaging story. After some (a lot of) time ,now that I have read TLS, I will finish his other books(Deception Point and Digital Fortress) hopefully.