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Beastly - Alex Flinn I was not aware of the story of The Beauty and the Beast before I started reading ‘Beastly’. I wikipiedia’d it, got a synopsis of the fairytale and delved into the book.I liked it in parts. I liked how the author has embedded such an ancient fairytale in modern day New York. The characters were believable and there were some genuine moments in the book especially after Kyle‘s transformation. I felt for him even though he was a jerk. His loneliness made me want to root for lindy to fall in love with him.But the book became too cheesy after Lindy and Kyle/Adrian became friends. The beginning of a love story should have been subtle which wasn’t the case in this book. I also thought that the entire part about the roses was a bit overdone.The climax was unreal and just too sappy. I know that the book must have a happily ever after but I t should have been done in a better way.