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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger THE GOODThe Story:Bad boy falls for the good girl and mends his ways and they live together happily ever after.Geez, I wonder where I have heard this story before. But I enjoyed it.Wesley Rush:He was a caricature of a womanizing teenage boy,rich,handsome,wealthy,yada yada, I know and his reformation to a loving boy-friend was not convincing enough but I liked him.So,sue me.THE BAD:Bianca Piper:The protagonist, Bianca was not outright bad but I didn’t like her much. She was playing a cynical, sarcastic and snarky teenage girl, if done right this would be the best MC possible in a YA book .But in this case, I was irritated by her. Yes, she was cynical but her ‘voice’ annoyed me. She contradicted herself all the time. She hates PDA and romance but indulges in them frequently. I didn’t completely hate her, there were times I sympathized with her but those moments were few and far between.Toby Tucker:Another caricaturized character introduced solely for the purpose of a love triangle which we could have done away with.The writing:My English is not great and I’m no expert on writing but even I could spot that it did not flow well together at times. The descriptions of things/characters and MC’s monologue were just a bit much and came off as really unpleasant. I thought ‘TMI’ at a lot of moments.Maybe someone needed to slap me or put me through shock treatments like they give crazy people in the movies. This is what I’m talking about.Comparisons with Wuthering Heights:I don’t even love this book still I was pissed at the author for trying to develop non-existent comparisons between the two books. They were not required and not well hashed out.