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Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List - Rachel Cohn, David Levithan I read Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist a few weeks ago by these authors. The book started out good but in the end it was only bearable, one time read .The protagonists were lovable, the interchanging POV’S were confusing but I managed because I loved the character of Norah. I am now looking forward to watch the movie which I will do, very soon, hopefully.Naomi and Eli’s no kiss list, however is a completely different Ball game. Based in the same city and with a repetitive narrative, the book was simply not worth my time. It could not have been a good book even in the hands of a good author, in this case, authors. There is no plot; there are too many changes in POV’S which is just confusing. The monologues were monotonous and boring.After a while I just lost interest in what the hell happened to Naomi Or Eli or Robin I or Robin II or Gabriel or Bruce I or Bruce II .Towards the end, instead of reading it thoroughly , I merely glanced it through because I hate wasting my time on a book and not knowing the end.Only few passages aroused my interest. I liked the way Naomi and Eli’s friendship was constructed, they loved each other, in very different ways. I t was good that Naomi got over him or tried to in the climax.