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The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide - Stephenie Meyer I like Twilight. Please don’t laugh, okay you can laugh. I am not saying that they are literature or the best books out there but they are certainly not the worst. If I had read this book/Guide immediately after reading Breaking Dawn, I might have appreciated it more. However, after so many years ,it was hard to get through this book in one session. Almost all the information provided is easily available at the author’s website or twilight lexicon. There was nothing fresh in the guide.I had read every outtake.I knew about the cars.There was an interview of the author in the beginning of the book and even that felt almost repetitive and stale .The only thing that was even remotely interesting was not explained.Embry’s father’s identity is still unknown.#WTFI skimmed through the technical lectures about vampires and werewolves because I already knew everything and they were boring.Just visit the author’s website or twilight lexicon site rather than spendingyour money on this book.