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Nevermore - Kelly Creagh One of the things that stopped me from giving this 3-stars is its length and speed.Even in the last 100 or so pages when the focus should have on the action and what was happening,the author kept on adding mind-less descriptions which slowed the pace immensely.The book was filled with clich├ęd characters.The cheerleader heroine,the Jock boy-friend who is a douche, the cliques at high-school etc.I don't get why Isobel couldn't confide in her parents.Not about the supernatural stuff but the whole her-friends-and-boyfriend-are-jerks thing.The ending made me so angry at Reynolds obviously and also at the author for this ploy to make us read the second book which I'm not sure if I will and just contend with wikipedia or maybe i will for Varen.I liked him ,sort of.