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Blue Bloods - Melissa  de la Cruz The Mythology:-It's different than the usual vampire-lore used in every other YA vampire novel.Something interesting.And that is one of the reasons why I will probably read the sequels.To see how the author develops this Gossip Girls meets Vampires story of rich and affluent vampires who are actually fallen angels ,all in the backdrop of high school .The Name dropping:-Paragraphs have been devoted to describe what the characters are wearing in tedious details.A little mention here and there doesn't bother me but lines likeSchuyler fretted, shivering in her long black cardigan with holes in each elbow. She'd found the sweater in a Manhattan Valley thrift store last week. It smelled like decay and stale rosewater perfume, and her skinny frame was lost in its voluminous folds. Schuyler always looked like she was drowning in fabric. The black sweater reached almost to her calves, and underneath she wore a sheer black T-shirt over a worn gray thermal undershirt; and under that, a long peasant skirt that swept the floor. Like a nineteenth century street urchin, her skirt hems were black with dirt from dragging on the sidewalks. She was wearing her favorite pair of black-and-white Jack Purcell sneakers, the ones with the duct-taped hole on the right toe. Her dark wavy hair was pulled back with a beaded scarf she'd found in her grandmother's closet.this in every chapter really irritated me.I am not very fashion-conscious,I know what i like or what looks good and what looks atrocious but I don't care or give a darn whether the bag is Prada or Chanel or Gucci.Even the buildings and food etc. are depicted in detail.The Prose:-The writing is bad.Period.The book is written in third person and the author could have devoted a few lines about the developments and what the characters felt and how it changed things instead of droning about the fashion labels.Every major reveal is taken in the stride by the characters in a sentence or two.Everything is rushed through and the important moments in the plot are glossed over.There is dialogue and a sentence or two that explains what the person thinks about the information revealed and then the chapter ends.Schuyler finds she is a vampire.At first she does not believe and then Jack makes her extract her fangs,from the back of the mouth,weird i know.And then a minute later she is fine and ready to embrace her destiny.I don't want chapters devoted to descriptions of feelings of a teenage girl but some insight about character's motivations for their actions would have been nice.The Characters:-All the characters are superficial and caricatures.Schuyler (What's with the weird names,Bliss, Perfection?) is a bland herione.She is perfect and beautiful.All of them,Jack,Mimi,Bliss,Oliver are undeveloped and standard YA characters.I will read the next book but whether i finish the series or not depends on the writing.I hope it gets better.